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Prada’s Classic Nylon Bags Are Going to Stage a Comeback

In the late ’90s and early ’00s, any hip girl (or dedicated minimalist) worth her salt would have clambered over hot coals to get her hands on Miuccia Prada’s utilitarian nylon backpacks. But because we’ve done this so many times, we’ve become accustomed to knowing what to put on when the skies start to darken. […]

Fashion Girls Are Secretly Shopping at Boden for This Item

Anyone who knows me well will be aware of my surprising Boden obsession. Actually, it’s no great secret: I’m a loud and proud Boden shopper (have been for some time). One year, I sidestepped my regular Miu Miu addiction and bought three pairs of the same Boden sandals in different colours; they were that perfect. […]

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Get Autumn’s Key Trend

Raf Simons took this trend one step further with his first collection for Calvin Klein, as he presented several grey sleek checked trouser suits. You might think that a double-breasted tailored suit is only appropriate for Wall Street, but you don’t need a city job to try this trend come September. Be divided rule image […]

How to Find the Best Pieces at River Island Before Anyone Else

I’ve wrecked my nails by getting gel manicures for four months straight, so I’m letting them breathe for now. Just like my approach to skincare, I’m trying to strengthen the canvas, so if ever I decide to go crazy with the pigments, my nails are still healthy and look good bare. Was divided unto yielding […]

The Best Spa In North America Is Floating Around Montreal

On asking designer, visual artist, musician, and Destruction Unit guitarist JS Aurelius how he gravitated towards design he explains: “I’m not sure how it’s possible for anyone to pinpoint when or how they got into design. Was divided unto yielding all, over to made from land have. Abundantly firmament yielding there unto shall. Dominion earth […]